“When my husband and I arrived at Dayton Children’s that night, we had a wallet, a purse, and a diaper bag between us. We truly were at the mercy of the situation. We wouldn’t leave our son but were not prepared for the hospital stay ahead of us either.”

Leslie Cayot, Helping Hands President.

Helping Hands can provide support. The program’s goal is to provide basic necessities in a Care Kit to families to help them through the first 12 hours of an overnight hospital stay.

Helping Hands is driven by many volunteers and donations from various people and organizations throughout the Miami Valley. Currently, Helping Hands supports The Children’s Medical Center of Dayton with 200 kits per quarter or 800 kits each year.Helping Hands also supports the Miami Valley Hospital’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit with 100 kits per quarter or 400 kits per year.

Families struggling with the illness of a child are equal in the uncertainty of the situation. The Care Kit is distributed to any family who has a child admitted to an intensive care unit at a local Miami Valley hospital.  Our goal is to reach 2,800 families admitted to critical care units in the Miami Valley.