I want to say thank you so much for the care kits we received while our son was in the ICU at Children’s Medical Center in Dayton.  Austin was transferred from our local hospital, and we were told he had pneumonia.  He is three years old.  He ended up in the ICU and then spent a couple of days at Children’s.  It ended up being a severe asthma attack.  The care kits were greatly appreciated.  You have a wonderful organization, and I have mentioned it to my church so it can be considered for a service project for our youth next year. Keep up the wonderful work. Thanks again!

What a great program you started providing parents with simple necessities while at the hospital with their child.  When my husband and I brought Benjamin to the ER Monday night, we were upset after him crying/screaming for 2 days and really just focused on getting him seen by a MD and find some relief for him. Benjamin was admitted in to the ICU in the middle of the night that night. Once he was stablized on the ventilator the next afternoon, we started thinking about showering/washing up/changing/brushing teeth – anything to help us feel normal in all the tears and extreme fear.  The staff had generously stocked our room with a bag (provided by Helping Hands) of toiletries and gift card to the cafeteria.  My husband and I read the story of how the program got started and we were touched.

Just the small items to use to wash our faces, brush our teeth, take a shower, and get a bite to eat (with the gift card) helped towards feeling normal during the scariest days of our lives. Keep up the good work.  We appreciate it!!

Our family thanks you and your organization for providing us with care kits, when our loved one was hospitalized.  We were able to buy our loved one a get well gift from the gift shop.  We were also ablve to use the necessities for ourselves.  Thanks for showing that you CARE!  God bless all of you.

My son was born 7-18-2009 at 1 pound at Miami Valley Hospital, the donation that I received from you was grateful so that I was able to spend more time with him. I still to this day carry so some of the items with me since He was transferred to Children’s in Columbus.

It should put a smile on everyone’s face to know that in some small way we’ve helped over a thousand families on what may likely be the worst day of their lives.  How many groups get the opportunity to have that kind of an accomplishment?  We do!